Banya 5

We are part of a global community that provides a unique blend of hydrotherapy, body treatments and old world wellness rituals- all in a clean, safe and friendly environment.


Our highly skilled massage practitioners are hired based upon their deep tissue and treatment skills. Unlike other spas, Banya 5 does not focus on the light, relaxation based “spa” massage. We pride ourselves in being able to offer massage sessions that are results-orientated and created especially for your needs whether you have a specific injury, chronic muscular tension, or would like to simply alleviate stress.

When receiving massage at Banya 5 you have the time and space to let the worries of your day slowly melt away. When it's time for your massage, the first few layers of tension have had time to soften giving your therapist the chance to spend more time on the deeper tension you may have.

Call 206-262-1234 during business hours to book services.

Call our front desk at 206 262 1234 during business hours to book body services with our providers.

Temperatures reach 240 degrees causing the kidneys to deliver up to a week’s worth of detoxification in less than an hour. Plus, by alternating the heat with a cold plunge, red and white blood cells move twice as fast, thereby boosting the immune system.
— SPA Magazine

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