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Andi Pihl, LMP


Andi graduated from the Cortiva Institute in 2011, and completed Brian Utting’s advanced continuing education curriculum in 2012-2013. She has a strong background in yoga, and is a climber and triathlete. Andi knows the power of massage for optimizing performance, and for injury prevention and recovery.

Andi draws from a wide range of techniques, from focused to broad, technical to intuitive, and gentle to deep, depending on your preferences. She believes that the body is a miraculous expression of who we are, and that when we are at our best we feel vibrant and free. But physical, mental and emotional stress can cause our bodies to get tight, stuck, or even painful. Andi’s massage reduces that stress by freeing up muscles, joints, and fascia and by creating a space for deep relaxation and a sense of well being. The end result leaves you feeling refreshed, renewed, and at home in your body.

MA 60215060 (Massage License)

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