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Tyrone is a dual licensed massage therapist and master esthetician. Tyrone is a 2005 graduate of the Brian Utting School of Massage and a 2007 graduate of the Euro Institute of Skincare.

Tyrone's work is a powerful blend of various massage techniques, including deep tissue Swedish, myofascial, Ashiatsu, cupping massage, trigger point, and ice treatment. His work enhances body recovery and restores muscular fluidity. Tyrone is dedicated in every session to help decrease physical pain, increase body awareness, and obtain a tranquil state of mind.

As a highly experienced master esthetician, Tyrone brings his extensive knowledge in skincare concerns to diverse facial treatments ranging from holistic to clinical. Facial treatments are uniquely catered to each client’s individualized skin type leaving the skin with flawless complexion.

Tyrone absolutely loves combining both worlds of esthetics and massage therapy in his treatment session. The “Bliss Package” is one of his signature treatments, incorporating a customized facial treatment with a lovely full body massage.

MA 00021739 (Massage License)

75414 (Esthetician License)

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