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We are part of a global community that provides a unique blend of hydrotherapy, body treatments and old world wellness rituals- all in a clean, safe and friendly environment.


Benefits of using the facility before receiving services

Warming up your muscles and/or doing hot and cold cycles will ease your body into a preliminary relaxed state before starting your services.

Contrast hydrotherapy (hot/cold) stimulates circulation and increases blood and lymph flow. This helps the body to fully relax during the massage and can help your therapist reach treatment goals.

Using the saunas and pools before your salt scrub will soften the skin which will promote the exfoliation process.

When using the spa, it is recommended that you arrive at least one hour before your scheduled service. If having a service only, please arrive 20 minutes early. This allows you time to check-in at the front desk, change/shower in the locker rooms and start your service on time.

Spa Entry is discounted to $30+tax with services 50 minutes or longer

Spa service only

Massage, facials and waxing can be booked as service only treatments. However, please be aware that there are certain benefits which may be lost when the facility is not used before massage.

Salt scrubs and Mud Wraps require the use of the facility in order to prepare your skin for the treatment. We can make exceptions for pregnancy or medical conditions which contraindicate the use of our facility, please inform the front desk of your circumstance so that they can help you work out the details of your visit.

Preparations for Treatments

If you have a medical condition or are under a doctor’s supervision, please obtain permission from your doctor to receive massage (and/or other services).

If you are booking for ‘Massage only’, please be sure to take a cleansing shower before your treatment begins.

Salt Scrubs:
Please do not shave or wax 24 hours before your scheduled treatment time. Shaving or waxing may cause skin to be extra sensitive.

Make sure to sit in our steam room or use the pools before your treatment to soften the skin for exfoliation.

Using the facility after treatments

It can be very beneficial after a massage to do hot and cold hydrotherapy. It is advised to ask your therapist for recommendations based on the treatment you received.

It is best to book scrubs closer to the end of your stay. Using the sauna and steam rooms are great afterwards, however soaking in the pools is not recommended.

If you receive a Coconut Shea treatment you may not use the pools or saunas afterwards do to the excess oil on skin. This service is best to do at the end of your stay to receive the full moisturizing benefits.

It is not advised to use the facility after waxing.

Pre-natal spa services

Banya 5 requires that the client be at least 12 weeks along in their pregnancy when receiving massage.

Services we offer for pregnant clients:

Less than 12 weeks 12 weeks or greater
20 min. scrub 50 min. scrub
20 min. Coconut Shea Moisturizer 20 min. Coconut Shea Moisturizer
50 min. scrub Basic Massage*
Mud Wrap Signature Massage
Facials Facials
Refresher Package

*Coconut Shea Oil can be used during the Basic Massage for an additional $5.

Spa Services Age Requirements

Minors 15 years and younger are required to have a parent present during their spa service (if in scrub room, parent can be receiving a scrub/mud wrap at the same time). 80-minute services are not available for minors under 15 years old.

Insurance billing

Unfortunately, we cannot bill your insurance for massage services. However, we can provide you with a receipt that has the therapist’s name and license number if your insurance company provides reimbursements.

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