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phillip corbin, LMP

Phillip graduated from the Savannah School of Massage in 2008.  Initially inspired to become a massage practitioner by his desire to make a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of the people in his community, Phillip continues to enjoy crafting each session into a meaningful and appropriate experience for each client’s life that day.   

Using an integrated blend of Swedish and Deep Tissue, along with Neuromuscular and Trigger Point therapies, Phillip provides a massage that often blurs the lines between a treatment and relaxation session.  Guided by the belief that massage can be a blend of science and interpretation and that we all contain the innate capability to heal ourselves, his goal is to create an ideal environment for relaxation and recovery.  Phillips clients often describe his style as slow and meticulous, muscle-specific, intuitive, patient and grounded. 

MA 60191872 (Massage License)

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