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We are part of a global community that provides a unique blend of hydrotherapy, body treatments and old world wellness rituals- all in a clean, safe and friendly environment.


Throughout history, Facials have been used to restore health and balance to the skin and date back to Cleopatra both applying and bathing in skin treatments. Here at Banya, we honor the ancient traditions in our modern day baths and find our path to beauty through carefully selected raw ingredients woven into each service.


$10050 mins.
Our Custom Facial is the perfect choice for maintenance or if your skin is simply in need of some extra attention than what you can provide at home. All facials blend a combination of analyses, steam, exfoliation, a customized mask, massage and skin specific hydration.

Facials can be substituted in packages in place of massage at your request.


$13580 mins.
In addition to all of the elements of our custom facial, the Signature Facial provides more time for extractions or more time for massage after your custom mask has been created and applied. This is the service to pick if you have not received a facial within 6 months.


$110 50 mins.

Whether you are breaking out or need intense moisture this service is customized for you. We cleanse, exfoliate, extract (if needed), mask, tone and hydrate skin to restore and refresh for a rejuvenated look. We use pure organic ingredients mixed especially for your skin type needs. Dramatically increase the benefits of this treatment with the use of our sauna and steam room.


$150 80 mins.

Add a 30-min Facial to our Back Treatment for a fully refreshed look!

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