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Merlin Chamberlin

Merlin graduated from the Brian Utting School of Massage in 2005 with exceptional skills in deep tissue, injury treatment, swedish, and neuromuscular therapy. He has continued his studies in advanced muscle-specific deep tissue and myofascial work. He applies these techniques with deep intention and caring intuition.

Merlin is profoundly attuned to the rhythms and patterns of the body. Through careful sensing and assessment, he is able to customize every massage to meet the needs of each client. His skills are founded in clinical expertise and yield a lasting impact. He integrates deep, focused pressure with gentle, flowing strokes, creating a therapeutic and relaxing session.

He practices a philosophy that bodywork has the ability to bridge body, mind, and spirit, creating connections that stimulate our body’s innate healing power. In turn, this encourages recovery from physical and emotional trauma allowing for decreased stress and improved overall well being.

MA 00021692 (Massage License)

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