Banya 5

We are part of a global community that provides a unique blend of hydrotherapy, body treatments and old world wellness rituals- all in a clean, safe and friendly environment.


What to Bring

Modest swimwear (however if you forget yours we do have some to borrow)

A non-glass water bottle can also be useful but not a necessity.

Upon arrival we will provide 2 towels and a pair of flip flops, if you need them. In our locker rooms we also provide shampoo, conditioner and body wash.

Please feel free to bring your own toiletries.

Average Stay

For your first time; 2 hours is a good time to allow yourself. However keep in mind that everyone is different. An hour may be enough for you or possibly 4. In and out privileges are not allowed.

Health Provisions

Banya 5 is an extreme environment. If you are pregnant, have diabetes, heart conditions, pace makers, anemia, high or low blood pressure, epilepsy or other health conditions please consult your physician prior to using the Banya or receiving services.

Hats in the Parilka (dry sauna)

Many people wear hats in the sauna to protect their head from the direct heat. In doing this, they are also helping their body acclimate to the temperature at steady rate and in turn being able to stay in the sauna longer. It is customary to wear a wool hat; however any cloth hat would work. We even have some to try out.

Banya 5 Spa Etiquette

  • No glass in the spa area.
  • Shower before entering spa area to remove soap, oils and scented body fragrances and always rinse before using hot-tub.
  • Parilka is very hot, sit on a towel and do not touch surfaces.
  • Towel-off before going upstairs.
  • Wear sandals at all times, except in pools.
  • Cell phones and electronics are not allowed in spa area.

Venik Nights

On Tuesday and Sunday nights at 8pm we bring out soaked Oak branches (Veniks) for use in the sauna. These are traditionally used in Eastern Europe to increase blood flow and generate heat. The use of the Veniks are first-come-first-serve. Clients who come regularly to use them are usually very mindful of others and generously take turns. The best aspects of this practice is the effects on the body and also the community it creates.

For more information on Banya Veniks click here:

Other helpful Information

  • The Parilka is extremely hot; avoid touching the brick, stone, metal work or the walls.
  • Foot wear is required in the Parilka and a towel to sit on is advised.
  • Guests are not permitted to bring food, drink or alcohol into the facility.
  • Anyone entering the facility that appears to be visibly intoxicated will be denied admittance.
  • All common areas except the Change Rooms close 15 minutes prior to the posted closing time.
  • The Banya 5 mantra is "Clean, Safe and Friendly;" please refrain from public displays of affection or horseplay.
  • As stated in our waiver, Banya 5 is not responsible for any injuries; conduct yourself accordingly.
  • For first time information on Services please visit our Services page.

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